It is very hard so you can differ together with her

She is dressed up particularly a south belle: her gown had a decreased-slash top off green cotton and you can a great three-tiered hoop top with light scalloped fabric, and you may she dressed in much time light silk gloves and you may held a great feathered pink-and-white lover so you can the girl tits

Even with their black top, Aphrodite could well be truly nice, enjoying, and you can enchanting, and you will she’s a religion crazy that’s sheer and you may real. She may be smooth and you will gracious to people she likes (eg Pygmalion and you can Adonis when you look at the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods), and you will she significantly cares on her people as well as their fathers. The girl graciousness could even increase towards the those who had initially obtain the woman wrath by offensive this lady, since the viewed of the just how she ultimately got embarrassment on Smyrna and transformed the girl toward an excellent myrrh forest to safeguard this lady of her father’s wrath.

Presiding across the most effective from people feelings, Aphrodite enjoys high insight into mortal emotions, in addition to mortal characteristics of the expansion. She is also proven to be good-natured and smiling, studying the vibrant side of extremely, if not completely, points.

She together with appears to be probably one of the most motherly off all goddesses, due to the fact shown when she kisses the woman daughter Piper pursuing the Race from Athens.


Given that personification out of beauty, Aphrodite’s real looks is actually unfamiliar while the she’d appear to other people as their individual epitome regarding real appeal. To start with Aphrodite is among the most gorgeous and most common deity in most production.

On Titan’s Curse, Aphrodite are portrayed as wear a purple silk top, with locks curved in good cascade of ringlets, perfect makeup, spectacular attention such as for instance swimming pools from springtime liquids, and you will a smile who would features illuminated new black front of your moonlight. This lady charm are in a way that from the 1st sight regarding the woman, Percy forgot their location and ways to chat coherently, and then he listed when she beamed, she appeared to be a mixture of Annabeth and a television actress he had an effective break on in 5th grade. Aphrodite was also shown to bring especial care of their looks and certainly will understand the minuscule flaw, as exhibited of the this lady inquiring Percy to hang the lady mirror when you are she revised certain drawback he could perhaps not discover.

From the Destroyed Character, when Piper first saw Aphrodite when you look at the Medea’s shop through the a dream, she wore a unique physical appearance however, had been beautiful so you’re able to view: shoulder-length locks, an elegant shoulder, primary has, and a remarkable profile hidden into the trousers and you can an arctic-white most readily useful. Piper along with detailed one Aphrodite try not the same as almost every other extremely stunning females she had seen before: this lady mommy was elegant rather than seeking to, fashionable versus work, breathtaking rather than makeup. Although not, she is not able to dictate the actual shade of their mom’s locks and you will sight, because the Aphrodite’s looks changed because the she noticed the lady, due to this lady seeking to match Piper’s finest from charm.

On Draw of Athena, Aphrodite did actually Annabeth because the a breathtakingly gorgeous lady which have black chocolates curls and you can attention one to sparkled playfully, going away from eco-friendly to bluish to help you emerald. This lady face are supposed to be difficult to identify as the lady keeps seemed to move out-of that from one to attractive superstar to another, becoming more and more breathtaking because changed by second. Annabeth is actually quickly, irrationally envious away from their because she had always desired she got dark tresses so she’d be used alot more absolutely than good blonde. Aphrodite and manifested most other characteristics you to definitely supported and come up with Annabeth getting inadequate: the simple sophistication with which she dressed in her dress, just the right but really understated make-up, and exactly how she radiated feminine charm one to no one who is actually attracted to lady could eliminate.

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