The partnership between religious cleverness and personality traits certainly Jordanian college or university pupils

Emmons talks of spiritual cleverness since adaptive usage of religious study to help you helps every day troubleshooting

Ahmad M Mahasneh, step 1 Nizar A Shammout, step one Ziad M Alkhazaleh, step 1 Ahmed F Al-Alwan, 1 Jawhara D Abu-Eita 2 1 Company of Instructional Psychology, Faculty from Knowledge Sciences, Hashemite School, Zarqa, Jordan; 2 Department out of Curricula, Little princess Alia College or university, Al-Balaqa Used College, Amman, Jordan

Abstract: This study is actually aimed at distinguishing the degree of spiritual intelligence and its particular relationship that have character traits one of several Jordanian student people. A good purposive decide to try off 716 men and women college students was selected out of additional qualities within Hashemite University. A few questionnaires toward religious cleverness and you will personality traits was distributed to members of the fresh new take to into the educational season 20132014. Overall performance depicted a media number of religious intelligence in the youngsters, and shown a positive and mathematically extreme dating between spiritual cleverness proportions (crucial existential thinking, personal meaning development, transcendental feeling, and aware county expansion) and you will personality traits (neuroticism, extraversion, visibility to play, agreeableness, and you can conscientiousness), but no significant correlation between individual meaning creation and transcendental awareness dimensions and you will neuroticism personality traits. Regarding the white of your own results of this study, of many guidance have been compiled by the new scientists.

In the long run, regression analysis performance mean that critical existential considering ‘s the very first predictor measurement regarding religious intelligence in terms of neuroticism, extraversion, visibility to try out, agreeableness, and you can conscientiousness

The idea of intelligence came up in physique away from ancient opinions possesses remained a subject of consistent attract in order to philosophers and you will editors from the many years to the present go out. Previous years, but not, have witnessed an extension associated with the figure away from regard to include latest scientific tests when you look at the sciences regarding biology and you will anatomy, including anorexia and you may bulimia nervosa physiology, genetics, and finally the realm of the humanities.

The term and you may notion of religious cleverness emerged thus regarding partnering cleverness with spirituality. 1–5 If you are accepting brand new resemblance and you will consolidation between religion and you can spirituality, there is arrangement about the dissimilarity and differences, religion centering on the latest sacred while spirituality is the experiential parts of definition, eminence, and you can perfection. six

Scientists respect spiritual cleverness as the most extreme style of intelligence for its power to dictate change in some body, societies, and you will cultures. Hence, improving religious intelligence support someone on the implementing a positive outlook and you may inside the gaining internal serenity. So it modification from inside the thinking improves mind-inspiration and you may manage plus helping to reduce the higher stress levels are not created by busy rate of modern life. seven

Mayer claims that folks receive religious good sense in the event the following try achieved: 1) getting attuned to the alternative harmony worldwide and you will surpassing self-limitation; 2) knowing high airplanes and you will says off religious thought and you may contemplation; 3) being conscious of the latest spiritual measurement out of activities, situations, and you will dating; 4) building sense, which means that considering daily issues in the context of best lives parameters; and you can 5) desiring to improve or intensify the fresh care about, thus training forgiveness, expressing like and you can gratitude, and you will doing humility and you will empathy. 8

1 Zohar and Marshal pick spiritual intelligence since a third type of of intelligence one increases the new build away from conclusion. It is also the fresh intelligence by the whoever conditions our works and you will total street off life was evaluated in comparison to someone else. It’s the base we want so as that the mental and you will emotional cleverness to work effectively. 5 Queen describes it as the team off intellectual/rational possibilities that will be depending adaptation, nonmaterialistic idea, and far-from-reality points. 9 Vaughan talks of spiritual cleverness because the interest in the individuals internal intellectual lifestyle, vibe, and you can regards to the existence of lifetime, ergo implying the experience to have strong understanding of inquiries related to life in addition to consideration of various amounts of feelings. 4 Nasel describes it as the capability to separate, search for meaning, and you will solve religious affairs, 10 while Amram and Drier find it once the capability to implement and use the latest spiritual provides and opportunities and this improve our existence capabilities and you will rational interests. In addition, eleven Wigglesworth observes it as operating smartly and you will mercifully while maintaining each other inner comfort and you will outward relaxed whatever the prevalent factors. several

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